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M.  – 2 x experienced Surrogate with  full term singleton and full term twin pregnancies married and fully insured.  Loving, caring and responsible.  Gestational Surrogacy only

C.  – Experienced Surrogate  with twin pregnancy.  Age 33,  married 5 years fully insured.  Loving, caring and responsible. 

M. –  Experienced Surrogate for twin pregnancy in 2002.  A divorced single mother of two boys.  A young 42, exceptional health  per a letter from her o.b.g.y.n.

S.  – 3 x Experienced Surrogate with  singleton pregnancy  in 2004 and twins in 2005.  Married 15 years.    Open to traditional or gestational surrogacy.

B. – Experienced  Surrogate  full term singleton birth 2005 - Married stay at home mom, fully insured.  37 years old

D. – 35 years old, married.  Two children,  15 years Elementary school teacher fully insured. 

A. – 30 years of age and single, two beautiful children.  Native Spanish speaking, Medicaid.

J. – 37 years of age married with four children.  Works in husband’s construction office. Medicaid

C. – 40 years of age and married with 3 beautiful children and stay at home mom

C. – 34 years old divorced  with two children.  Customer service rep fully insured.

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