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Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy offer additional options to clients in Florida and around the world who have been trying unsuccessfully to have a family. Our goal is for our clients to have the biological child they've so desired, through a smooth medical and legal process called "Surrogacy".

In Gestational Surrogacy, a surrogate mother carries an embryo, which is the result of a union of the egg and sperm of the biological parents or egg/sperm donors. This process is often a successful option for women who, for various medical reasons, cannot carry a baby, as well as for single intended parents. Traditional Surrogacy involves the creation of a pregnancy through artificial insemmination. This is referred to as "Preplanned Adoption" by Florida Statutes. We have several physicians we work with in South Florida who have vast experience in Gestational Surrogacy with or without donors and Traditional Surrogacy with artificial insemination. We also can recommend excellent midwives in Florida.

Surrogacy Laws
In Gestational Surrogacy, the surrogate has no legal right to keep the Intended Parents' child unless her egg is used in the process. When the surrogate's egg is used in a "Traditional" surrogacy, she has 48 hours in Florida, to rescind her consent to the surrogacy. For this reason, many people opt to do a Gestational Surrogacy, even if it means using an egg donor. The beauty of surrogacy is that, unlike adoption, in surrogacy you have much more control over the child you receive and your future.

Surrogate Mothers and Screening
We have many wonderful women apply to be Surrogates and Egg Donors. We require that a Surrogate live in Florida, have given birth to at least one child, and be between the ages of 21 and 42. Our surrogates are preliminarily screened by us and then medically and psychologically screened by the fertility program of your choice. These incredible women are from all income levels and backgrounds. Our surrogates are typically married, or in a committed relatonship, although we also have stable, single mothers. Most are employed in nurturing fields such as nursing, teaching, etc. The majority are insured for obstetrical care or we assist them in getting some form of insurance to cover their obstetrical medical care. We have had a great deal of help in obtaining surrogacy insurance from our insurance colleagues in Tampa, Florida.

Surrogates participate primarily for benevolent reasons because they truly want to help others achieve their dream of becoming parents. We have surrogates available today who are remarkable women willing to assist you in bringing your child into the world in this special way. We are always meeting new surrogate candidates. We actively seek women throughout Florida who want to give a family this tremendous gift.

We have very close working relationships with all the participants in this beautiful process and can refer you to some of the finest fertility and obstetrical centers in the country.

Our Role as Attorney, Counselor, and Friend
We will be pleased to refer you to excellent psychologists and genetics counselors who specialize in this field. We believe our role as attorney, counselor, and friend involves our assistance and support in all aspects of the process, from contract to birth certificate(s)! We mention "certificates" because some of our cases have happily resulted in twins.

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