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A message to Adoptees, Adoptive Parents, and former Birth Parents of the Law Offices of Charlotte Danciu:

I have been contacted by a number of you recently about searching for biological relatives and a possible reunion.  I’d like to first let you know the State of Florida maintains an Adoption Reunion Registry (, 1-800-96-ADOPT).  The registry is the first place you should check.  The State will not, however, help you locate your birth relatives, even if they have registered.  They will only advise you whether birth relatives and/or adoptees have registered their names and addresses, so that you can locate them. 

For a base fee of $500, I will retrieve your file from its secure storage facilities; review the file to determine if your birth relatives agreed to a release of their identifying information; and I will a meet with you to discuss your options, search and/or contact with your birth family.  If you decide to search for your birth family, we may need to hire a private investigator.  This would be an additional charge.  We find most birth relatives do not live at the address in the file at the time of the adoption.

We do have additional means of searching for your birth relatives, such as court proceedings to open the original adoption file.  We can discuss these options and costs in our meeting.  I am facilitating these searches and reunions at a reduced fee because I want to make them affordable for everyone and I believe they work out very well in most cases. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

                                                                        Charlotte H. Danciu

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