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Charlotte H. Danciu has practiced family law from Miami to Tallahassee, from Jacksonville to Pensacola for over 30 years. Charlotte has focused her practice in the areas of private adoption, gestational surrogacy (in vitro fertilization) and traditional surrogacy (artificial insemination), paternity, egg, sperm and embryo donation contracts and all areas of reproductive law. Charlotte networks with doctors all over the State, with a heavy concentration of adoption cases in Tampa, Orlando and West Palm Beach. Many of the fertility specialists Charlotte works with are in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Charlotte has handled more than 2,000 adoptions as well as several hundred surrogacy, reproductive law, and non-traditional law matters. Charlotte has represented numerous clients from the United States and abroad, including, among others, surrogacy cases from Norway, France, Portugal, England, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, and Uruguay. Charlotte has been very successful in influencing Florida's laws which are some of the best adoption and surrogacy laws in the world. Charlotte often appears on T.V. and radio, internationally, nationally, and at the local level. Charlotte is recognized as an information source and an expert in her field. She is Board Certified in Adoption by the Florida Bar. Charlotte has received numerous awards including Congressional "The Angel in Adoption Award”, The Florida State University "Distinguished Alumni Award", and The Florida Adoption Council "Star" Award, to name a few. She has made appearances on among others, the Today Show in New York with Katie Couric, Aaron Braun, John Walsh, CNN, and numerous cable networks as a result of court appearances dealing with important issues in her unique practice.

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Charlotte Danciu with John Walsh Charlotte Danciu with Katie Couric

Charlotte is a 1980 Florida State University Law School graduate, and has a B.A. in Exceptional Child Education from Florida Atlantic University. Charlotte is a member of the Florida, Palm Beach County and South Palm Beach County Bar Associations, as well as the Florida Association of Women Lawyers.  She is a trained emergency medical technician, and in fulfillment of her love of the study of obstetrics and childbirth, she has attended over 50 births. Charlotte has two daughters. Her eldest, Noelle, is an adopted "Special Needs" child and recently had the pleasure of meeting her birth family. The youngest daughter Emily, has a BA Degree in Children and Family Sciences and will soon receive her Masters in Public Policy and Administration in Asheville, North Carolina.

Maxine Derkatch
has been an attorney for over 35 years and practices primarily in the fields of adoption, juvenile, and family law. A graduate of Brooklyn College and New York Law School, Maxine is a member of the Florida and New York Bars. She was also a teacher in the New York City public schools system. Maxine has extensive experience as an investigative attorney and a prosecutor, and has represented the State of Florida in child abuse and neglect cases. Maxine and her husband are the proud adoptive parents of a 14 year old daughter from Chile.


Our Staff has years of experience assisting families in these very important legal matters. We understand that although we may handle many cases, yours is of paramount importance to you and we will treat it as such.

Our work is truly a labor of love, and that's what makes us so successful.

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Charlotte Danciu

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Mary Danciu

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